Sandie Vant Hof

Administrative Assistant/Event Coordinator // Sheldon

To get to know Sandie, here is some information about her.....

"I am from California, and that is where my husband, Lyle, and I met. He grew up in Iowa, and since I always wanted to live in a small town, we moved back here after we were married. I've always appreciated his very quiet, reserved personality and his incredible sense of humor, as well as, how well he cares for people; he would do anything for anybody. 

I have been attending Living Water almost since it started, when it was only the OC campus. I’ve had the privilege of serving on many ministry teams and co-founding the Thanksgiving community meal that the church puts on every year.

Since I have been going to the Sheldon campus since it started, and I have experience in administration, I am excited that I can use these skills to keep things running smoothly, giving Pastor Jesse time to minister to people instead of spending time on the day-to-day stuff."