Staff Directory

Sue Dykstra

Director of Children's Ministries (Orange City Campus)

Donna Kurtzleben

Administrative Assistant/Event Coordinator (Orange City Campus)

Sandie Vant Hof

Administrative Assistant/Event Coordinator (Sheldon Campus)

Damon Groen

Worship Coordinator (OC)

2021 Leadership at Living Water Community Church

Council-those tasked with leadership, vision, staffing, finances, and long-range planning.
Arlyn Schaap, Chair – Admin Elder

Adrie Groeneweg, Clerk – Admin Elder

Greg De Jong – Admin Elder

Teri Elgersma, Secretary – Admin Elder

Spencer Groeneweg,Treas–Admin Deacon

Andrew Wolgen – Admin Deacon

Garry Hibma – Admin Deacon

Gawen Zomermaand – Admin Deacon

Pastor Garry

Pastor Jesse
Care Elders-those tasked with walking alongside Living Water and members of the community.  Care Elders are called to pray for people, encourage and support.

Scott VDB, Chair OC

Jeremy Rensink, Chair Sheldon

Carol Kramer

Jackie De Jong

Terry Mouw

Lori Fischer

Cameron Mulder

Barb Hibma

Teri Poppema

Cami Jo Howrey

Chad Postma

Kirsten Poage

Monique Schiebout

Amy Stark

Jenness Wolgen

Rachel Te Grootenhuis

Care Deacons (OC)-those given responsibiility to meet tangible needs like financial resources and goods needed.
Shawn Zwart, Chair (Financial Needs)
Danielle Kuiken – (Take Them a Meal)
Sue Louwerse – (Food Pantry)
Bonnie De Jong

2021 Stewardship Team-admin deacons serving as financial overseeers, along with consultants from either campus.
Spencer Groeneweg
Gawen Zomermaand
Gary Hibma
Andrew Wolgen
Stewardship Consultants:
Brittany Foreman
Rick Droog
Jay Schemper

Children’s Ministries Coordinators:
Sue Dykstra (OC)
Allison Cooke (SH)

MST (Ministry Support Team)-those listed as heads of the areas of ministries at LW

Allen Oetken, Chair
Kate Aberson
Teri Bos
John Lambert
Amber Noteboom
Pastor Garry


Outreach/Intern – Jamie Negus
Discipleship Coordinator – Ken Ver Steeg
Adult Ministry Coord (SH), Kris and Pamela Lien