Director of Worship Ministries

In our Mission, Living Water Community Church seeks to follow Jesus by loving God and loving others. One of the ways we seek to fulfill that mission is Authentic Worship. We value authentic corporate worship that is acceptable to God. Therefore, our services will be experiential and engaging, filled regularly with praise, prayer, imagery, the sacraments, holistic preaching, visual media, and Christian fellowship. We will regularly examine the content of our services for relevance, acknowledging the need for change when prompted by the Holy Spirit. Corporate worship will celebrate God’s presence, and send us out to be salt and light. (LWCC Mission and Core Values Statement, 2007)

The Director of Worship Ministries (DWM) will professionally enhance the development of Authentic Worship and facilitate the growth in this vibrant ministry of Living Water Community Church’s multiple campuses. The DWM will foster an atmosphere of corporate worship that delights in the supremacy of God, encourages and inspires the congregation, while drawing in those who are not yet followers of Jesus Christ.


    1. Personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    2. Appropriate training and/or experience in worship arts.
    3. Public speaking skills.
    4. Organizational ability.
    5. Musical knowledge and experience
    6. Knowledge and capability in audio and visual media, including Planning Center and ProPresenter.

    1. Serves in close cooperation with the pastors for worship planning and in partnership with the other staff members of the church.
    2. Initial accountability is to the campus pastor as representative of the Council.
    3. Final accountability is to the Council for both responsibilities of this position as well as faith and life.
    4. Receives an annual appraisal from the council.

    1. Oversee the planning of weekly and occasional services in cooperation with the pastors and other staff members.  
    2. Will be responsible for the oversight of the worship planning.
    3. Has passion and ability to lead corporate worship as necessary.
    4. Oversees the musical components of worship, including the musicians and singers.
    5. Integrate non-musical elements into the worship service (prayer, testimony, liturgy, Scripture, announcements, aesthetics, etc.)
    6. Develop and disciple other worship leaders. This position seeks to continue a journey of developing future worship leaders.
    7. Develop new musical talent to serve and expand worship teams as needed.
    8. Work with the technology team to facilitate worship technology. This position bears final responsibility for worship technology.
    9. In cooperation with the pastors, oversee the Spiritual climate of the congregation and set the vision for worship.
    10. Participate on Ministry Support Team as the staff representative for the area of worship.
    11. Network with other churches and community entities for Kingdom collaboration in and beyond worship. Examples of this would include times such as Advent, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Holy Week, Serve Sunday, Community Services, etc.

    1. Cultivate worship creativity in the congregation. Use the gifts of the body and the new resources to aid in unleashing the church for magnifying God. 
    2. Participate in community, area and denominational educational opportunities and programs as appropriate.
    3. Other responsibilities as may be assigned.

    1. _________ agrees to work on implementing the things listed in this job description.
      1. This agreement is for an average of 20 hours per week which will be recorded and submitted each month.
    2. Living Water Community Church agrees to the following:
      1. An hourly wage of $xx to be paid monthly based on submitted hours.
      2. It is understood that an employer / employee relationship does exist as part of this agreement, therefore, the applicable taxes, workman’s compensation and any other legal requirements will apply.
        1. A W2 will be issued for this position.
      3. Out-of-pocket expenses (travel, curriculum, supplies, etc) incurred on behalf of Living Water Community Church to be reimbursed on a monthly basis.
      4. It is understood that this agreement does not include health insurance, paid holidays, and paid vacation time.

How to apply

For more information or to apply, contact Pastor Garry Nyenhuis at pastor.garry@livingwateroc.com or call our office at 712-707-5100.